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2016-07-21 02:27 am

i need inspiration yall

 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im lagging behind on learning Heir of Grief and Gold Pilot
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2016-07-21 01:56 am
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5 drawings, two of  a person and three of paintings. one is a skull-like object, another is a green woman with flowing hair, and the last is a mint curtain with small details being ripped.  the people on there are me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2016-07-20 03:36 pm

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 ahh the music ksuunnc makes is goals!!!.....i wish i had a little box machine like that but all i  have is an old computer, an electric piano and a midi cord. its enough to make little tunes, but not quite for my style of music :((( 
style refs(?): [1] [2]
i guess u could just call it adult swim style !
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2016-07-20 02:11 am


i guess im here now and gayer than ever
my name is grace but yall can call me elli or elliot! i go by she/her!
im kin with the 'crying child' in FNAF 4- my name was elliot (hence the nickname)!
im mostly gonna post art/music/writings that i make here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
my pesterchum is cryingChild if anyone wants to add me ! <3